Welcome to my blog. My name is Cynthia and I want everyone, Christian or not, to feel welcome here. It is my aim to give those a place to speak out against that which has taken place in so many Churches since the 2016 presidential election. Many of us have lost, or have been losing our faith and all that we have believed in for all, most, or part of our lives. I want to bring lightness where there is so much darkness, and I want to give everyone hope. Allow me to share a little about myself, and please say hello and share your stories.

I was born into the Church, but unlike Author Eldonna Edwards 5 Star debut novel THIS I KNOW, where we learn from the back inside book cover that “…she cut her teeth on the back pew of Southern Baptist pews in the provincial Midwest hometown.” Edwards’ father was a minister, which played into her novel, THIS I KNOW, a literary coming of age historical fiction novel. A book I recommend for all genres regardless of faith. My father was not a minister, but I also “cut my teeth on the back pew.” of a country Methodist church in Florida. By the time I was ten years old I was teaching Sunday School, and singing in the choir. I attended Oral Roberts University and majored in communications and minored in music. Afterward, I spent more than twenty-five years in the ministry before retiring in 2012.  I remain an avid singer, photographer, seamstress, designer, educator, and creative Christian today, but I have become disillusioned by the church since the 2016 presidential election.

I originally began this blog to give hope to the masses of other disillusioned Christians that became part of “The Dones and the Leavers.” I was frazzled to my core, and for the first time in my life, I found myself struggling emotionally. I was depressed, there is no other way to put it. It was as if overnight Christianity went from what I had known it to be all of my life to something altogether different that I could not identify with or wrap my mind around. I continue to struggle today, but because I spent my entire life in the church, I know what’s right and wrong. What many of the Evangelical Christians are buying into since Trump was elected president and began endorsing racism, sexism, sexual abuse, misogamy, white supremacy, separating the children of immigrants from their parents without keeping track of where the parents and children were, et cetera, is not right, and not Christian, by any means.

There are voices louder than mine who are standing up and speaking out against the stance the church is taking as if given permission by Trump to change everything that Christianity stands for. John Pavlovitz is one of the loudest voices. John was a Pastor in a North Carolina Church when he was fired for speaking out against all that is wrong in the Church today. But Pastor Pavlovitz needs to see more Christians standing up and speaking out against all that has gone wrong, and shows no signs of changing. And while this was my intent upon first starting this blog, I became too disillusioned, and with a broken heart, I limped off to suffer in silence. I refuse to be silent any longer, I’m back, I’m stronger, and I am standing up, and ready to start shouting about what is going on in many Churches.

I have been reblogging book reviews, but have decided to start reading and reviewing books on my blog, as well as sharing information on health, whether mental or physical as I desire to make a difference in other’s lives because this is what has always defined me. Please feel free to comment, follow my blog, and to share your heart and feelings here.

Note: My blog is a safe place for those who do not feel safe. I will not moderate any comments that are hurtful and go against the purpose of my blog.




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