Remembering Our Loved Ones After They Leave This World & Sharing John Pavlovitz’ Blog Post on When We Forget They’re Dead

There is not much I can add to the two blogs writing about the loss of loved ones. All of us grieve differently, and that’s okay. To lose a loved one is akin to losing an appendage.

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July is an emotionally charged month for me to navigate and I suspect it will remain so for as long as I live. It’s an excessively long month due to the many loved ones who have  passed during the month of July. I lost an Aunt on July 18, 2014, who was so much more than an aunt to me. As a young teenager, she had looked after and protected my two siblings and me from our alcoholic mother and dysfunctional home life, as best as she could at the time when we were mere children. My Aunt Veronica was the only family member on the maternal side of my family that I remained close to over the years. Losing her when she was sixty-years-old was a loss I was not prepared for.

Aunt Veronica hung on until her second grandson turned one, and she could be part of his birthday celebration…

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